Hi! Welcome to my page, my name is Karyn Nakamura. I'm originally from Tokyo, recently graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design, and now based in NYC.

You might know me from some of my large-scale technical installations like the 400ft-wide 10-story building I projected onto (MIT News), or the abandoned Frank Gehry pub inside MIT’s CS building I filled with 60 screens and transformed into the stage of a 3 month video performance (Boston Art Review) or when I encapsulated a NY based jazz duo in a pile of disassembled music hardware at a boutique in Tokyo (iD Japan), or maybe ! you’ve seen the LED sign of AI generated asemic glyphs I secretly installed in a MIT hallway 👁️

I am interested in laterally connecting disparate streams of technology, turning black-boxed intricacies inside out, and bringing technology back into the realm of intuition, perception, emotion, and broader human connection.

Instagram >> @frog_spit_simulation

Email >> karynnakamura68@gmail.com

Youtube >> @karyn_nakamura

Solo Shows:

noise pile at DOMICILE Tokyo (2023)

Digging at Tata Bookshop (2023)

BREAK MY BODY LIBERATE MY SOUL at the MIT Stata Center R&D Pub (2023)

116 X 31 at MIT Simmons Hall (2022)

Group Shows:

Emissive at MIT Compton Gallery (2022)

Waves at Same Gallery, C7C gallery, Lian, Haku Kyoto, ie (2022)

MAPP Montreal (2021)