Hi!!! Welcome to my page, my name is Karyn. I'm 22 from Tokyo, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Art from MIT and now based in NYC.

I am most active on Instagram >> @frog_spit_simulation

Email >> karynnakamura68@gmail.com

Youtube >> @karyn_nakamura

I work to break in to existing systems and understand its syntax in order to carve out authority, watch it crumble, and build a language for myself out of the rubble.

My focus is exposing the scaffoldings of technology - both physical and cultural. I like to open things up, dig them out of accepted contexts, turn black-boxed intricacies inside out, deterritorialize, and put it back together in a handmade network of cable salads and spaghetti code.

I don't know what you're here for, but this is my latest big art thing. I occupied an abandoned 2 floor Frank Gehry pub inside the Ray & Maria Stata Center (home to MIT's CS AI research lab) for a year and ran a 1 hour live performance twice a week for 3 months featuring a 20 channel video made of e-waste I hauled out of the dumpsters. More about it here.

You can also read about it on Boston Art Review.