Public intervention 2022

CRT monitor

CRT monitor installed in MIT East Campus 4th floor Munroe bathroom (my dorm bathroom).

Every now and then, when you walk into your college dorm bathroom you encounter something crazy. And then you kind of accept it because it is after all, a college dorm bathroom. The college dorm bathroom is where you piss and shit and puke and spit out and wash away the person you grew to be in the first 18 years of your life. In the bathroom you are alone, but everybody else is also there to do the same. There are traces in the toothpaste residue in the sink, the abandoned bottle of shampoo in the shower, the smell of stale vomit, a new line that overwrites a faded sharpied cry for help alternating as decor, the paper towel clogged in the sink, the leaking faucet. College kids cycle through the bathroom, interacting only in passing but collectively sustaining the solitary struggle that exists in the bathroom of trying to pin down who it is you really are.

A droplet of water from the leaking faucet makes the paper towel clogged in the sink wet. The video cable is cut in half, but signal reaches the monitor by conducting through the damp paper towel upon which the two ends of the cable sit. In between drips, the paper towel starts to dry, weakening the signal and fading and distorting the image. It drops into the frame again with the next hydrating drip.