Bleed (experiments 1, 2, & 3)

Video 2022

1 CRT monitor, RCA cable, piece of paper, water, chunk of snow

A series of experiments running video signal through:

  1. A droplet of water suspended by surface tension.
  2. A droplet of water as it seeps into a piece of paper and evaporates.
  3. Small chunk of snow as it melts on a piece of paper.

As the droplet seeps into the paper, the pixels blend together on the screen, fading out the image like ink bleeding on a page. About two and a half minutes in, the image is no longer recognizable but abstract scanning patterns slide up and down at varying speeds. Sometimes it moves really quickly like it's the momentum of the electrons managing to make it across the barely conductive paper. Gradually the patterns become fainter like the video itself is evaporating. When the paper is fully dried up, the image is completely still.