DIY World Map for Cartographic Nihilists

Website 2021


The Mercator projection is known for its enlargement of the Northern hemisphere which was used by the British Empire to exaggerate the amount of land they occupied. People get pretty aggressive about criticizing Mercator projection, arguing that it's a remnant of colonialism perpetuating the view that developing countries are inferior.

I made this diy world map website so that you, too, can take advantage of the technique pioneered by the British Empire: exploiting scale. You can make any country as big or as small as they want. You can make your favorite country really really big and explode. Or you can make it really small and hide it so no one gets to see it.

It's kind of an insane thing to try to represent a sphere on a sheet. It's also kind of an insane thing to imagine what the ground looks like from distances 10^(some large number) times our heights. I just hope your DIY map makes sense to you.

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